“How to shape strong project partnerships and create winning proposals” insights from EU calls industry expert : iED

  • Could you please introduce yourself (short bio)?

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is an awarded Greek non-profit organization, committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancement of the entrepreneurial spirit. Established in 2005, in Larissa, Greece, iED is a certified leading Center of Excellence in European entrepreneurship and a fast-growing Digital Innovation Hub, registered as a member of the European Commission’s catalog of DIHs.

Over the 16 years of our activity, we have implemented more than 200 National and European projects under numerous Financial Frameworks (Horizon, Erasmus+, AMIF, REC, COSME, INTERREG, ENI CBC MED, Life, etc.). Our experience gave us a unique insight into the practical aspects of the implementation of large-scale co-funding projects, making us a strong and reliable European project partner and leader.

  • What is iED mission?

iED recognizes entrepreneurship as a crucial factor for the future of sustainable development and cohesion of societies. We conduct research and provide innovative solutions that facilitate the growth of entrepreneurship and promote employment across Europe. Our main mission is to produce and transfer know-how, boost cognitive processes and enhance the effectiveness and viability of all types of enterprises across Europe.

  • What is your role as ” Products Services and Networking Director at iED”?

My role as a Products Services and Networking Director (PSN) combines different aspects as it combines two different things:

From the point of view of Products and Services, drive and implement an innovative and consistent approach towards policies and strategies to support the products and services of iED. Ensures that all functions are operating in line with the objectives of the organization to ensure optimal performance and add value to the end-users.

And from the point of view of Networking, develop networking activity and maintain strong relationships with targeted audience and key stakeholders. Work collaboratively and communicate with the audience the emerging opportunities and the impact of the European programmes’ ecosystem changes to benefit from, and assist the collaboration between stakeholders, EU funding enthusiasts, and newcomers to shape strong project partnerships and create winning proposals.

  • Why is collaboration such a strategic topic when it comes to Europe’s future?

Partnerships are an essential tool to deal with Europe’s most pressing challenges, effectively. Through collaboration, we have reliable “allies” by our side that contribute with their expertise and knowledge to break every barrier, drive innovation and achieve our common goals.

European partnerships and closer collaboration between member states are the cornerstone of the European Union during the last 70 years. These same European characteristics have remained unchanged, despite the several transformative periods to reach its current state. These days, as we all face an unprecedented pandemic, the opportunity to come together as a whole to deal with the most pressing European challenges of the time is raising even higher. For this reason, partnerships will continue to play a key role in achieving the EU’s political priorities.

  • How does iED support European organisations to collaborate?

iED offers guidance, training, and consulting in entrepreneurship and innovation management. We assist you in finding the right European programmes, funding opportunities, and reliable project partners that match your profile, needs, and expertise.

Our team of experts provides high-quality services in writing winning project proposals, developing EU projects and helps you secure access to important research and innovation funding to create impact.
Moreover, we have developed intelligent digital tools aiming to make your introduction and journey to EU funding easier.

  • What kind of tools do you offer them? why?

iED has implemented many actions and initiatives, which makes us a highly specialized state-of-the-art organization. Οur participation in numerous European projects offers us the opportunity to develop and collect a great number of innovative tools and apps, lifelong learning platforms and practices, such as EUcalls, iED Academy, Athena, igostartup, Valuater, myStartupTool, and StartupEUROPE.

  • EUcalls: An innovative platform that functions as a helpful compass to EU funding and successful project partnerships. It is the fastest-growing digital community for networking with experienced project partners and boosting the promotion of open third parties calls and other funding opportunities.
    Official Website: https://eucalls.net/
  • iED Academy: An all-in-one knowledge hub that hosts online tailor-made courses and educational videos for upskilling and reskilling. The iED Academy experts create branded video courses and help every business, startup, organization, research team, or professional, leverage their expertise.
    Official Website: https://academy.ied.eu/
  • Athena: The e-learning platform for sharing and promoting educational material and project outputs to an established, wide audience of users.
    Official Website: http://athena.entre.gr/en/
  • igostartup: An online consulting service for entrepreneurs who need guidance on launching their start-ups, while also enhancing the entrepreneurial mindset.
    Official Website: https://igostartup.com/
  • Valuater: The online company valuation for SMEs, that offers risk assessment analysis and useful entrepreneurial tools to help prepare their financial statements and predictions.
    Official Website: https://valuater.io/
  • StartupEUROPE: The most updated online directory that helps European startups increase their awareness.
    Official Website: https://startupeurope.net/
  • myStartupTool: The biggest list of directories for startups submission to showcase and promote their ventures.
    Official Website: https://mystartuptool.com/
  • How do we even further increase the odds for organisations (corporate, startup, academia) to find each other?

EUcalls’ smart algorithm uses your registered preferences to bring you one step closer to your future consortia. Fill in your profile and let it be witnessed and responded to, by a significant audience of potential project partners and collaborators. Present your main activities, the sectors that you focus on, write about your most recent accomplishments, your experience in EU funding programmes by mentioning the projects that you have already participated in, and highlight your work so far.

By using the always up-to-date directory of project partners, you can find the right sector-specific experts and funding enthusiasts to collaborate with, create your own network of preferred profiles, communicate, and get matched with the ones that are suitable for specific calls.

Furthermore, you can share and discover bright project ideas or concept notes for fruitful proposals. Manage, develop and transform them into successful proposals for funding while working with trusted partners with a common vision, as coordinators.