Knowledge Dissemination is a key challenge within and in between organizations

Today we had a great discussion with Associate Professor in Innovation Lykke Margot Ricard and Research Assistant Sophie Bach Hybel from the Department of Technology and Innovation at University of Southern Denmark about digital collaboration platforms for companies and universities. 
What are the most important success factors or problems to establish innovative collaboration? 

Knowledge Dissemination is a key challenge within and in between organizations.” 
Especially large groups have enough budget to develop their own digital knowledge mapping solution. Smaller companies may do not have these amounts of resources but should also engage in collaborations to foster innovation. 

What questions rise up when companies think about collaboration? 

When companies decide to work together to bring an innovation to market, they are struggling to find the right digital solution to make the collaboration happens in between them. Question like: should we set-up MS Teams, Drop-Box (…) or is this conflicting with data regulations or firm policy of one of the partners? starts to creep in. How to ensure the data security and a common lack of trust in certain platforms are also a key criteria while transforming the collaboration into digital environments

How can companies be supported in finding the right partner? 

When companies would like to initiate partnerships, they should be clear on the competencies they need from their business or R&D partner. To do so, they should first do a “competency mapping”. E.g. what is needed for a certain technology to successful reach market? Minus the competencies that we have already. This would direct specific competency gaps, and potentially why a company would be seeking innovation partnerships.  

Digital platforms should support the matchmaking process in connecting the right skills and partners. 

SMEs should collaborate more. To learn more about how to succeed in this topic and accelerate the knowledge triangle between Education, Research, and Innovation is beneficial for all of us. 
They do need the right digital tools & processes to support that. Of course it is the like the same dilemma as companies has with Open Innovation – are we willing to share some of our knowledge to gain more? What are the risks in sharing knowledge? And what type of knowledge/information are we willing to share?  

Thank you Lykke and Sophie

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