Open Science offers researchers and the public “better access to scientific findings”

Starting with Dr. Elisabeth Klein, PosterLab presents various experts who have advice to give on delivering the right solutions to make academic research branding a reality. Want to know more about the digitalization of the academic world? Elisabeth shares her insights in the following interview.

Dr. Elisabeth Klein actively participates in digitalizing the academic world. 

– Why is Elisabeth part of our scientific committee? Her role?

Elisabeth is an expert in “Academic Research Branding”, our main focus here, and she therefore concentrates on finding the appropriate digital tools to do so.

Elisabeth gives “PosterLab advice on the world of German universities, licensing policies, and finding people with a reputation to really influence on behalf of PL”.

She is continuously helping us build PosterLab’s value proposition in order to achieve the best product/market fit.

Elisabeth, what do you like about your job?

My job allows me to bring together my passion for Social Sciences and management. I get to meet people that have a strong vision for digital change in higher education, which will benefit students, researchers, and the general public alike.

What are the biggest trends in the academic world today? In 5 years?

Trending technologies like machine learning provide us with new opportunities for research. New concepts like Open Science, Open Access, and FAIR Data offer researchers and the public better access to the findings researchers work hard to achieve. Implementing these technologies and new concepts into our daily lives didn’t start yesterday and it will probably take another decade until they become a standard for everyone in the academic world.

Why do you think PosterLab is the right “Academic Research Branding Platform”?

PosterLab incorporates multiple relevant output channels with intuitive user design, therefore facilitating the multi-channel distribution of research outputs.

Elisabeth’s bio:

Elisabeth is a Project Coordinator of “Digital Change in Studies and Teaching” at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and an active member of mainzed(.)org., a research network leveraging Mainz digital research in the humanities and cultural studies. 

She believed in the added value of PosterLab since day one. Her first feedback after we presented PL to her was: “I want to use it”.

Elisabeth has a PhD in Sociolinguistics and M.A. degrees in Sociolinguistics and Information Science. 

She has studied and worked at 5 recognized universities (Mannheim, Frankfurt/Main, Bremen, Humboldt Berlin, and Mainz).

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